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Video graphics, Animation and Interactive Systems

We've been designing and producing video graphics& animations for broadcast, industrial and telecommunications applications since before the first PCs appeared on the scene, over 25 years now. Most of the designers out there today have only been in the business for a few years at most, designing for a narrow range of applications, and working with a limited set of off the shelf tools. Having been through several generations of technology and the associated protocols, We can ramp up to new situations and applications much faster than the average bear. If you have special needs, or just want the benefit of vast design experience brought to your job, give us a call.

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NAPLPS & Videotex

Back in the early 1980's many high tech visionaries were predicting a time when millions of computers around the world would be connected together over the telephone networks, creating a new kind of communications and enterprise. Working in association with Mr. John Vaughan and The Communications Studio in New York, we were deeply involved with the development of practical working models of the brave new videotex world, consulting to such players as AT&T, CBS/Sears/IBM Trintex project (now called Prodigy), NBC Videotex Trials, IBM, Pacific Bell, Bank America, Chase Bank, Ford Motor Company, BBD&O and others. We also developed ground breaking template based authoring tools that were widely used.


Partnering with Mr. Jesse Leiman, Ms. Celia Micheals and Mr. John Stolzberg of Programmination, I provided software and systems design and construction for the first (and only) interactive video wall. Integrating PCs, videodisc, MIDI controlled digital audio samplers and the 3-Space position sensor array, Intelliwall was a ground breaking application of divergent technologies, and still stands as a unique example of interactive application. Intelliwall was featured at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York as the centerpiece of the 1989 Presentation expo.


NYNEX Voice Dialing CBT

We created an interactive Computer Based Training package for NYNEX to introduce the Voice Dialing Product to its employees. NYNEX was running DOS with 16 color displays that everyone believed precluded any highly graphic treatment. Using proprietary software we were able to achieve a highly graphic and entertaining product running on a very primitive platform.


2D & 3D Animation

We are experts in the design and production of effective animation and illustration for Corporate logos and IDs, Technical Illustration, Architectural Simulation and anything else you can think of. We use Lightwave 3D, Adobe After Effects and other more complex applications as necessary.

Lucent Technologies

We developed several animated sequences to illustrate various concepts for a sales video featuring their flagship network routing products.

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